Crime Report 2021


    • Crimes that Increased (in descending percentage change order): immigration, perjury and false swearing, money laundering, abuse of public authority, drugs, prostitution, fraud, pornography, forgery, computer misuse, pretended rights, threats and private violence, domestic violence, and sexual offences.
  • Crimes that Decreased (in descending percentage change order): arson, homicide, theft, attempted offences, bodily harm, and damage.


  • Thefts have seen a drastic increase overall, with a drop of 32% or 2153 incidents reported between 2019 and 2021. This decrease comes at a time when pick-pocketing, which was the heavyweight category for all reported crimes has again experienced a 70% decrease in crime when compared to 2019, a drop of 575 offences. 24 categories of theft experienced a decline whilst 24 categories increased, mainly theft of vehicle, government buildings, residence-exterior, theft of sea craft, and religious temples-premises.comprises 28% of all offences, a decrease of 32% (2,153 cases) from 2019 to 2020.
  • Damages decreased by 11% decrease between 2019 and 2021 to 22% of all offences in 2021, down from 25% in 2019 and 24% in 2020. These figures depict the lowest incidence since 2013, decreasing through all sub-categories except for involuntary damage by other, involuntary damage by paint, and wilful damage motivated by racial hate that increased.
  • Bodily Harm dropping to 4.7% of all offences in 2021, has reached the lowest number since at least 2004 down by 183 offences (20%) to a figure of 742 cases in 2021. The main decrease was related to all sub-categories except for Slight Bodily Harm with arms proper.

  • Fraud has experienced a steep increase of 1555 cases or 189%, through fraudulent gains based upon mobile, messaging and online payment scams impersonating service, delivery and ancillary services. The cases reached 2376 cases in 2021 (15% of all crimes reported in 2021), up from 821 cases in 2019 and 811 cases in 2020.. Fraud still maintains a hold as one of the top 5 crimes in the Maltese Islands League of Tables, taking the 3rd place above Domestic Violence and Bodily Harm.

  • Computer related crime experienced an 80% increase over 2019, mainly through Unauthorised Access, registering increases across the sub-categories except for unauthorised deletion of data and unauthorised deletion of info. This offence has reached 337 reported offences.

  • Drugs reporting increased by 279% (an increase of 444 cases up from 168 in 2019), increasing through all of the sub-categories. This reflects Malta Police intervention, as well as customs and other agencies’ effectiveness.
  • Domestic Violence increased from 1,326 in 2019 to 1,645 and 1741 cases in 2021 (11% in 2021 down from 12.6% of all 2020 cases), An increase of 486 cases was related to Psychological Harm. Increases occurred in psychological harm, grievous bodily harm with arms improper and with physical force, whilst slight bodily harm with physical force experienced a decline.

  • Threats and Public Violence increased by 32% in 2021, (94 cases) mainly through blackmail, harassment and threats by means of writing.
  • Sexual Offences decreased by 14% (20 cases) in 2019-2021, reversing a year-on-year increase initiated since 2015, reflective of the pandemic situation and sustained in 2021.

  • Violence against Public Officers decreased by 11% to 164 cases down from 185 in 2019, a steady year-on-year decrease since 2017.
  • Theft from Occupied Residences decreased by 257 cases or 40% reflective of a sustaining of the results seen during the pandemic situation. Theft from exterior increased by 24% whilst theft from vacant residences decreased by 9%.

  • Pretended Rights which had been recorded as a separate category in 2017 registered a 53% increase in reports amounting to 280 cases up from 183 cases in 2019.

  • Money Laundering as recorded for the first time as a distinct category in 2017, registered a 400% increase in 2021, reaching 180 cases in 2021, up from 105 cases in 2020, steeply increasing from 36 cases in 2019 and 33 cases in 2018. It is to be noted that this increase relates to the better capturing of reports by the Malta Police in the reporting system.
A new category, Gender-Based Violence was introduced in 2020, when 2 cases were registered. No cases were registered during 2021.


Interactive Crime Maps

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