Crime Report 2018


  • Crimes that Increased (in descending percentage change order): abuse of public authority, trafficking of persons, money laundering, forgery, crimes vs admin of justice, fraud, pretended rights, computer misuse, sexual offence, pornography, drugs, threats and private violence, domestic violence, damage and bodily harm
  • Crimes that Decreased (in percentage change order): crimes against public peace, crimes against public safety, infanticide/abandonment of child, violence against public officer, attempted offences, arson, theft, homicide, immigration, perjury and false swearing and prostitution


  • Thefts have seen an major decrease in most categories, dropping by 21% or 1727 cases in 2018, such following a drop of 567 cases in 2017, mainly related to Pickpocketing which in turn decreased by 995 cases (46% drop), theft from beaches (130 cases – 46% drop), theft from vehicle interior (252 cases – 24% drop). The categories that registered increases in theft include theft from factories and building sites, mugging, retail outlets, religious temples, occupied residences, snatch and grab, theft from sea craft and theft from vehicle exterior. A new sub-category indicates that theft from Government buildings has been registered for the first time at 14 reported cases. Theft comprises 41% of all offences, a decrease of 7% over the previous year’s drop.

  • Damages increased slightly in 2018, comprising 24.7% of all offences up from 22% in 2017, increasing through Involuntary Damage by Hit and Run incidents and Wilful damage by Other Means.

  • Bodily Harm stood at 892 cases in 2018 which results in a slight 1% increase, where the main increase was related to Slight Bodily Harm with Physical Force.
  • Fraud has experienced a massive 31% increase (245 cases) following a similarly high 57% (287 cases) increase over the previous year, again having been experiencing a steady annual rate of increase. The count for 2018 amounted to 1032 cases.

  • Computer related crime experienced a 20% increase over the previous year, through password disclosure, unauthorized access and copying / disclosure / possession of data.
  • Drugs reporting increased by 12% in 2018 to 348, the highest figure ever reported since 2004.

  • Domestic Violence increased to 8.4% of all offences, reaching 1341 cases, with a 10% increase in Psychological Harm and 8% in Slight Bodily Harm with Physical Force.
  • Threats and Public Violence has increased 322 in 2018, mainly through stalking, blackmail and causing fear of violence, though harassment experienced a reduction in reporting.

  • Sexual Offences increased by 18% (120 cases) in 2018, reversing a trend initiated since 2015, with an increase in all sub-categories except for rape which registered a slight decrease.

  • Violence against Public Officers decreased by 9% to 217 cases.

  • Theft from Residences has again increased by 31 cases or 5% as compared to 2017 reaching 623 cases.

  • Pretended Rights which had been recorded as a separate category in 2017 registered a 21% increase in reports amounting to 172 cases.
Money Laundering as recorded for the first time as a distinct category in 2017 registered a 94% increase in 2018, reaching 33 cases from a count of 17 cases in 2017.


Interactive Crime Maps

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