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29 November 2009



A number of individuals were yesterday detained by Armed Forces of Malta personnel during two seperate operations, one at sea and another on land.

Late yesterday afternoon, AFM Maritime Squadron personnel of its Rapid Deployment Team intercepted a boat with four persons onboard, in possesion of four modified shotguns, a bird-caller device, and a quantity of illegally-sized lead pellets. The shotguns' ammunition magazines had also been modified illegally to take more shotgun ammunition cartridges. The four individuals were apprehended barely 20 metres outside Rinella.

In Qormi, personnel from 1 Regiment's ''B" Company detained four individuals during a vehicle check-point (VCP), which yielded a number of illegal narcotics late last night. Their vehicle's driver, on approaching the VCP, was observed slowing down abruptly and throwing items out of his window. Four sachets containing a drug in powder form, and another sachet containing pills were retrieved from the ground by the AFM personnel. By the time the driver's vehicle had reached the AFM VCP, the 36-year old driver from Cospicua was also noticed furtively fumbling with a further sachet containing white powder, which he then suddenly swallowed. Once apprehended, the driver also forcefully resisted arrest by the AFM personnel. The detained individuals, two male and two female, were handed over on site to Malta Police Drug Squad investigators.


Illegal Hunting and Drugs


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21 November 2009



Three individuals were last night detained during vehicle checkpoints conducted by soldiers from 'C' (Special Duties) Company of 1 Regiment, AFM.

The Armed Forces of Malta personnel apprehended one man and two teenagers
in Cospicua and Qormi. A 30-year old man from San Gwann was found in possession of four sachets of cocaine, a CS-pepper spray can, an extendable baton and a knife. The two-teenagers, each respectively aged 17 and 16 and both from Qormi, were found driving a vehicle without a valid driving licence and vehicle insurance.

All three detained persons were handed over to the local Police authorities for investigation.




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16 November 2009



A British free-climber was earlier this afternoon medically evacuated to
Mater Dei Hospital by helicopter, after a large rock dislodged itself from
above his path and fell onto him.

The 34-year old climber, Russel Clay, was in the company of two other male
climbers in the Ghar Lapsi area, near Hagar Qim, when the accident
happened. Luckily for the casualty, his safety-rope proved life-saving
after he received a severe head-injury that left him semi-conscious and
bleeding profusely, according to AFM Air Wing rescuer onsite, Sergeant
Neville Cila.

The Armed Forces of Malta's Rescue Co-ordination Centre at Luqa Barracks
was alerted by Mater Dei Hospital that the British casualty was in an area
unaccessible by Civil Protection Department personnel. The casualty's
climbing buddies had administered initial first aid head-bandaging before
an Italian Military Mission AB212 rescue-helicopter arrived on site to
winch-hoist down the rescuer, Sergeant Cilia.

Witnesses on site reported that this was a particularly difficult rescue
and recovery mission since, with the AFM rescuer still attached to the
helicopter's winch cable, the pilot was obliged to fly dangerously close to
the rock-face - in some instances less than a metre away, whilst the
casualty was being secured and brought onboard the helicopter.

The Italian Military Mission's helicopter is crewed by an joint
Italo-Maltese flight crew, and this mission was led by Italian Air Force
Captain Andrea Cattini, assisted by AFM Air Wing co-pilot Sergeant Reuben
Demicoli. Mr. Clay's condition was described by hospital officials as
stable, having incurred a lacerated contused wound.


Health-Related: Sports


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04 November 2009



Last Monday 2nd November, the Italian Military Mission (IMM) in Malta commemorated its war dead at the Naval Cemetery in Kalkara during a brief ceremony. 

Italian servicemen who died during World War 2 are buried in this cemetery. A commemorative wreath-laying ceremony was held. Wreaths were laid by the IMM’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Rocco vastola, the AFM’s Acting Commander, Colonel Harold Stivala, the Italian Ambassador to Malta, His Excellency Paolo Andrea Trabalza, as well as the IMM’s personnel stationed in Malta. 

IMM Personnel at the Kalkara Naval cemetery laying commemorative wreath in memory of Italian war dead. 

Picture credit: Michael Formosa/ Italian Military Mission 


  AFM Activity: Remembrance



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04 November 2009



Today, the Italian Military Mission (IMM) in Malta is celebrating its annual Italian Armed Forces Day and Day for National Unity. 

After the daily flag-raising ceremony at Luqa Barracks, attended by all the Mission’s personnel, a meeting with the press media at the IMM Headquarters is being held this morning. During this meeting, the IMM’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Rocco Vastola will present an overview of this day’s historical significance. 

Later on this evening, at the Armed Forces of Malta’s Officers’ Mess in Luqa Barracks, the IMM military personnel and their families will be hosting a reception for local military and civilian authorities. Amongst expected to attend, there will be the Italian Ambassador, His Excellency Paolo Andrea Trablaza, Colonel Harold Stivala (In-lieu of anbsence of Commander AFM), and Director of Defence Matters for OPM, Mrs. Vanessa Frazier. 

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